Just 44 short years after graduation....


2007reunion01.JPG 1 at Jim Dandy's
2007reunion02.JPG 2 Glenn Scott, John DeVore, others
2007reunion03.JPG 3 Dianna Pope, others
2007reunion04.JPG 4 Sandy (Gates) Ragsdale, Bruce McFarlane, Dianna Pope, others
2007reunion05.JPG 5 Gail (Estes) Grimes with a full plate
2007reunion06.JPG 6 Mike Yuckert, Greg Drais, Dianna Pope, Trula (Cunningham) Rothe
2007reunion07.JPG 7 Jim Rotramel, Steve Danaher, Dennis Johnson, Russ Baumgarte
2007reunion08.JPG 8 Gail (Estes) Grimes, Sue (Robertson) Rotramel, Dianna Pope, others
2007reunion09.JPG 9 Carol (Petersen) Baumgart, Bruce McFarlane
2007reunion10.JPG 10 Jim Rotramel, Russ Baumgarte, Judy (Van Vickle) Baumgarte
2007reunion11.JPG 11 Sharen (Ballard) Shumaker, Marvin Shumaker, Kathy Drais
2007reunion12.JPG 12 our first attempt at a group shot
2007reunion13.JPG 13 our 2nd attempt
2007reunion14.JPG 14 our 3rd attempt
2007reunion15.JPG 15 our 4th attempt
2007reunion16.jpg 16 a little closer now
2007reunion17.jpg 17 still trying
2007reunion18.jpg 18 that's it, we're giving up!
2007reuniongolf01.jpg 19 2007 golfers - at least that's what we called ourselves
2007reuniongolf02.jpg 20 Judy (Van Vickle) Baumgarte, Russ Baumgarte, our official golf chaperones
2007reuniongolf03.jpg 21 Ron Schmidt and Glenn Scott waiting for Greg to hit the damn ball
2007reuniongolf04.jpg 22 a tough downhill hole
2007reuniongolf05.jpg 23 Ron Schmidt in a little trouble on the above hole
2007reuniongolf06.jpg 24 Larry Schneider, Sharen (Ballard) Shumaker, our other chaperones
2007reuniongolf07.jpg 25 a group chaperone shot - I think they were trying to decide what to do with the rest of us
2007reuniongolf14.jpg 26 John DeVore, Dennis Johnson, Larry Stevens
2007reuniongolf17.jpg 27 Dennis Johnson
2007reuniongolf18.jpg 28 Larry Schneider
2007reuniongolf19.jpg 29 Larry Stevens
2007reuniongolf21.jpg 30 Bruce MacFarlane, Guy Gutfleisch, Dick Zeller
2007reuniongolf22.jpg 31 Dick Zeller, Bruce MacFarlane
2007reuniongolf24.jpg 32 Glenn Scott
2007reuniongolf25.jpg 33 Glenn Scott, Greg Drais, & Ron Schmidt
2007reuniongolf28.jpg 34 ...best part of the day!....
2007reunion25.jpg 35 Pam Pyne and Dorothy (Laursen) Gutfleisch
2007reunion26.jpg 36 Dennis Johnson, Russ Baumgarte
2007reunion27.jpg 37 Larry Schneider, Dick Zeller
2007reunion28.jpg 38 Gary Grimes, Jim Pyne
2007reunion29.jpg 39 Glenn Scott, Diane Smyth, Terry Smith
2007reunion30.jpg 40 Glenn Scott, Dick Dearborn, John DeVore
2007reunion33.jpg 41 Sharen (Ballard) Shumaker and Kathy Drais plotting revenge on something or someone
2007reunion37.jpg 42 Ron Schmidt
2007reunion38.jpg 43 Jeff Snyder
2007thegolfers1.jpg 44 Wes Scroggin, Dick Zeller, Gene Blakeslee
2007thegolfers2.jpg 45 Dick, Gene, Wes, and Gary doing the good times
2007JudyRuss.jpg 46 Judy & Russ Baumgarte in Hawaii
2007thevrems.jpg 47 Sandy and Rick Vrem with a favorite friend


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