Just 46 short years after graduation....


These photos listed below are just the start of postings.  If you have any photos you would like to add to our collection, please contact us at info@pshs63.org.


2009Committee17.JPG 1 Your Reunion Committee getting down to business....
2009Committee22.JPG 2 ... the infamous "Power Circle"
2009Committee26.jpg 3 We've been fed..... and now we're all smiles!
2009reunion_Gary35.jpg 4 Golf event @ Glendoveer: Curt Faulconer, Dick Zeller, Gary Grimes, and Dorothy Laursen
2009reunion_Gary33.jpg 5 Bruce, Dave, Dick, and Ron
2009reunion_Gary34.jpg 6 Kathy Drais, Sharen, Larry, and Greg
2009reunion_Gary32.jpg 7 Gary Benson with some tree trouble....
2009reunion_Gary48.jpg 8 Linda and Larry Stevens
2009reunion_Gary43.jpg 9 Gary & John
2009Reunion_Curt24.JPG 10 Bruce & Gary giving away some donated prizes
2009reunion_Gary14.jpg 11 @ Jim Dandy's: Greg, Mr & Mrs Glenn Garrett, Toni & Mike Yuckert
2009reunion_Gary17.jpg 12 Sharon Bird & Curt
2009reunion_Gary19.jpg 13 Jeff Snyder
2009reunion_Gary24.jpg 14 Bob & Melissa Wittenberg
2009reunion_Gary25.jpg 15 Larry, Curt, Dave, & Greg
2009reunion_Gary27.jpg 16 Sharen, Mike, Steve, Steve Johanson
2009reunion_Gary38.jpg 17 Bruce & Judy plotting something....
2009reunion_Gary41.jpg 18 Dave, Sue, Sharen & others
2009reunion_Gary45.jpg 19 Jim Rotramel & Wes
2009reunion_Gary46.jpg 20 John DeVore, Steve Johanson, Curt Faulconer, Gail Estes
2009reunion_Gary47.jpg 21 Judy & Sandee
2009reunion_Gary52.jpg 22 Steve, Sandy, and Dick
2009reunion_Gary54.jpg 23 Trula, Dianna, & Toni
    .... more later ....