Just 48 short years after graduation....


These photos listed below are just the start of postings. Over the next few weeks our intent is to further populate this listing with as many photos as we can. If you have any photos you would like to add to our collection, please contact us at info@pshs63.org.


2011Reunion-Prescott-img01.jpg 1 Prescott Auditorium - it seems so small.
2011Reunion-golf-img01.JPG 2 Okay now - let's line 'em up.....
2011Reunion-golf-img02.jpg 3 A small but powerful lineup....!
2011Reunion-golf-img03.jpg 4 Gary, Barry, & Greg
2011Reunion-golf-img04.jpg 5 Larry and Gary
2011Reunion-golf-img05.jpg 6 Dorothy
2011Reunion-golf-img06.jpg 7 Gail
2011Reunion-golf-img07.jpg 8 Dorothy, Judy, & Sharen
2011Reunion-golf-img08.jpg 9 Drinkin' & figuring all them scores
2011Reunion-golf-img09.jpg 10 Barry and Greg
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img01.jpg 11 Curt's new camera!
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img02.jpg 12 Judy and Jess
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img03.jpg 13 Dennis, Sandy, and Judy
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img04.jpg 14 Larry and Sandy
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img05.jpg 15 Larry, Ron, Jess, Gary, Mike, Dick, & Rick
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img06.jpg 16 Sharen and Juanita (Gilsrud) Dietz
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img07.jpg 17 Jess and Wes
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img08.jpg 18 Juanita and Barbara
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img09.jpg 19 Judy
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img11.jpg 20 Ron and Mike
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img12.jpg 21 Sandy, Larry, Dianna, Ron, & Gail
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img13.jpg 22 Wes, Sandi, & Ron
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img14.jpg 23 Barbara and Sharen
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img15.jpg 24 ?? and Bob Riscoe
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img16.jpg 25 Bruce, Larry, Ron, Jess, Dick, and Mike
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img17.jpg 26 Bruce, Mike, and Rick
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img19.jpg 27 Dianna and Dorothy
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img20.jpg 28 Dorothy and Curt
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img21.jpg 29 Gail and Steve
2011Reunion-JimDandy-img22.jpg 30 Greg and Toni share something funny


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