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This page is intended to be a viewing port for questions and answers that our readers provide. It will be similar to an old bulletin board with the exception that there is no direct way to add or answer questions. Questions and answers will be transferred here from email messages received at info@pshs63.org. The goal is to share tidbits of information and not to embarrass anyone. Inappropriate material and current personal information won't make it past our editors and just won't be displayed. If you want to ask a new question or comment on any of the displayed questions, send us an email at info@pshs63.org and we'll do our best to put it here.


Anybody got a picture (circa 1960-63) of Ron Wageman? 1  
We are trying to document all of our grade school teachers. Send us an email of what you remember about your teachers of 1st thru 6th grades. Please be sure to include the school name and whether or not you have a class picture. 2 Example: 1st grade, Mrs. Boyle, Prescott school, no picture. 2nd grade, Miss Hilfiker, Prescott/Knott Street school, yes picture. 3rd grade, Knott Street, Mr. Goffard, no picture. 4th grade, can't remember, Knott Street, no picture. 5th grade, out of state. 6th grade, out of my mind.
Does anybody have frontal pictures of those old grade schools? In particular we are looking for shots of Knott Street, Sumner, Prescott, Wygant, the Heights Junior High, the Junior High, and even the old high school. 3  
Anybody got any pictures of our reunion in 1973; or 1983? 4 Sure could use your help!
Your turn to ask a question...... 5  


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