The following people are currently serving on your Reunion Committee.  If you have any questions or suggestions as to reunion activities, if you have come across a way to contact any of our lost classmates, or if you have new information about classmates, we want you to send us a note. Whatever your thoughts, comments, questions, or information, please email them to us at We work for you!

Sharen (Ballard) Shumaker
Sharon Bird
Greg Drais
Sandy (Gates) Ragsdale
Gail (Estes) Grimes
Gary Grimes
Dorothy (Laursen) Gutfleisch
Bruce McFarlane
Dianna Pope
Sue (Robertson) Rotramel
Larry Schneider
Glenn Dean Scott
Judy (Van Vickle) Baumgarte

For an early snapshot of your committee at work click here.

Right after the 2003 Reunion we gathered here.

In 2005 we looked like this.

2006 found us at Sue & Jim's place.

We barbequed at Dianna's in 2009.

At the Grimes's in 2010.

2012 finds us at the Drais place.


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