If you have historical or reunion photos that you would like to share with us you may do so quite easily by sending them as an email attachment. You may also burn your photos to a CD/DVD and mail it to us at the street address listed in the 2008 Memory Booklet for PSHS63.  We also encourage you to send us recent photos to let other classmates see what you are up to. Photos will be added to this online collection as they are received and as time and space allows, so check back often.

Photos have been submitted so far by Kathy (Lincoln) Hallock, Dennis Hardman, Gene Blakeslee, Gary & Gail Grimes, Dennis Johnson, Judy (Van Vickle) Baumgarte, Nancy (DuBois) Millett, Glenn Scott, Ella Walker, Alan Cooper, Bob Hilts, Doug Nelson, Carol (Petersen) Baumgart and Greg Drais. Photos listed below are a maximum of 800x600 resolution. If you need a higher resolution, or have any questions or corrections, please contact Greg at We aim to please.




Buildings - those old school houses....
Classes - class pictures of 1st thru 6th grades
Groups - miscellaneous group shots
Teachers - teachers - what some of them look like now
Tee-Shirt - Commemorative Class of 1963 T-Shirt
1973 - photos taken during 1973 reunion activities  (10th)
1983 - photos taken during 1983 reunion activities  (20th)
1988 - photos taken during 1988 reunion activities  (25th)
1993 - photos taken during 1993 reunion activities  (30th)
1998 - photos taken during 1998 reunion activities  (35th)
2003 - photos taken during 2003 reunion activities  (40th)
2004 - photos taken during 2004 reunion activities  (41st)
2005 - photos taken during 2005 reunion activities  (42nd)
2006 - photos taken during 2006 reunion activities  (43rd)
2007 - photos taken during 2007 reunion activities  (44th)
2008 - photos taken during 2008 reunion activities  (45th)
2009 - photos taken during 2009 reunion activities  (46th)
2010 - photos taken during 2010 reunion activities  (47th)
2011 - photos taken during 2011 reunion activities  (48th)
2012 - photos taken during 2012 reunion activities  (49th)


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