These fine people were challenged with getting us to learn something. How they managed to do it without killing any of us is a mystery in itself. If you have photos (old or new) of teachers not listed here be sure to contact us at info@pshs63.org and let us know so that we can arrange to include them.


1957Teachers1.jpg 1 7th grade teachers - 1
1957Teachers2.jpg 2 7th grade teachers - 2
2005BobFrantz.jpg 3 Bob Frantz
2005BobKathieHorswell.jpg 4 Bob Horswell
2005BobKing.jpg 5 Bob King
2005FrankPerry.jpg 6 Frank Perry
2005SuzanneDuboc.jpg 7 Suzanne Duboc
2005WesJohnson.jpg 8 Wes Johnson
2006Rotramel.jpg 9 Jim Rotramel


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